Don’t let the fear of skin tears restrict you: use DERMATUff professional thin skin protection.










  • The Socks and Sleeves are made with ‘body armour’ yarns purpose spun from the hard Aramid, Kevlar® by DuPont together with elasticated nylon and a specialist weaving method.

  • They protect from impacts, shear, abrasion, collisions.

  • For many years Kevlar® has protected the Services against injuries of all kinds.

  • In Trials DERMATUFF has prevented 97% of expected skin tears. I have used them for 5 years and  they have prevented all expected injuries.

All Products £30.00 – £36.00 incl VAT (EU only) unless disabled

UK Shipping £3.50 / Rest of EU & USA £5.00 / Tracked Orders £7.50

  • Restore your confidence and independence to move around without injury.

  • Just wear them like ordinary socks.

  • Please do call if you prefer on 01395 548199 to order or for more information.

  • If looked after, they last at least 3 years, that’s just £10 per year for no more skin tears(ex-VAT).

  • Wouldn’t you rather prevent your Mum geting skin-tears rather than she suffer them?

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